The Urban Thinkers Campus “The City We Need: Open for Art”will be hosted by the Department of Architecture,Design and Urbanism in Alghero, University of Sassari, Sardegna, Italy. Most of the Campus activities will take a place at Ex Ospedale di Santa Chiara. The venue is located in the old city centre of Alghero, along the seaside
promenade (Muralla de l’Hospital, Bastioni Pigafetta, Alghero). Santa Chiara was an old hospital structure renewed a few years ago. It is technically fully equipped for daily use in educational purposes of the Department and it will be available with all its capacities for the Campus: rooms for all sessions, constituent groups meetings, laboratories and a press room. Official welcome will be hosted at the Library Rafael Sari, which makes a part of the Complex of Santa Chiara (Piazza Molo, Alghero).

An art exhibition (curated by Fondazione Nivola) will be hosted at the Torre di Sulis (Tore di Espero Reial). Tower of Sulis belongs to the period of the 16th century, surged as the tower dell’Eperò Rejal became known as the Tower of Sulis during the 19th century by the name of the tribune of Cagliari, Vincenzo Sulis, who was imprisoned there from 1799 to 1821.