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Urban Thinkers Sessions

In the spirit of sharing, learning and brainstorming about urban challenges and solutions, the Urban Thinkers Sessions will allow a high level of exchange through thematic discussions. The Urban Thinkers Sessions are open to all participants to feed the debate on key issues that partners want to bring up to contribute to a new urban paradigm. The Urban Thinkers Sessions can be organized as seminars, workshops or presentations of case studies, proposed either by the main organizer, by partners or selected through an international call.

Constituent Groups

During the Constituent Groups sessions urban thinkers will debate and brainstorm with their peers on the themes of the Campus. The Constituent Groups meet every day in order to debate on the documents of the Campus and decide on the key messages of that constituency. At the Urban Thinkers Campus “The City We Need: Open for Art” there will be eight constituent groups: six official Constituent Groups recognized in the General Assembly of Partners and two new Constituent Groups proposed by the Campus organization. The official groups are: Local and sub-national authorities, Research and Academia, Grassroots organisations, Children and Youth, Business and Industries and Women, the proposed groups are: Citizens and New Citizens (aimed to gather indigenous people and migrants at the same time), and Artists and Arts related (as following the Campus general topic we believe that art and artists have a peculiar role in the future of the city we need).

Drafting Sessions

Drafting Sessions are daily meetings concentrated on production of documents and reports. Coordinators, moderators and rapporteurs of daily activities, chairs, and co-chairs of Constituent Groups will take part in the Drafting Sessions. This one-hour daily meeting, right before the Plenary Sessions is directed to prepare, extract and gather the results of the all activities and debates. Participants to the drafting sessions should negotiate a common position that they will be able to share. Through negotiation process they will ensure that the outputs of the Campus are inclusive and able to feed into the Habitat III process.

Plenary Sessions

In the daily evening Plenary Sessions where will be presented short reports of the all activities and findings of the Urban Thinkers Sessions and Constituent Groups. During plenary sessions, participants should be able to share outputs and to debate their views.

Panel Discussions

Panel Discussions are planned daily debates with national and international experts, following the daily presentations by the main speakers (keynotes) and related to general thematic session of that day. Right after keynote presentations, first part of it is organized like a round table, second part as a debate open to the public. Panel Discussions will be moderated. 

Media Session.

Designed specifically for journalists and media operators the session aims at giving them an overview on the activities of the Urban Thinkers Campus, focusing on topics of culture-driven development, cultural enterprise, cultural tourism, and on the professional ethics of journalism. The session is co-organized and approved as an official event of the lifelong learning program of the Sardinian Journalist Society (Ordine dei Giornalisti della Sardegna).

Academic Session.

It is dedicated to scholars, academics and organisations (formal or informal) whose researches occupies by the complex relation between art and the city. Academics were invited trough an international call to submit original papers to be presented at the academic session. Presentation of the papers is organized as one of the UTC parallel Urban Thinkers Sessions.

Welcome Session

Organizers, stakeholders and representatives from the World Urban Campaign will address the Urban Thinkers Campus by sharing ideas and the visions about The City We Need and the Habitat III process. The welcome and support to the project will be given by representatives of the most important national planning association Istituto Nazionale di Urbanistica – INU.

The Welcome Session is planned for the evening of 17 February, just before the official start of the Campus, also to welcome the international guests that will attend the meeting. Preopening will be followed by the inauguration of art exhibitions hosted by the Campus and a music performance.

Urban Cinema

It is not proposed for the very first time by the UTC Open for Art, but still it is not an activity officially approved by WUC. Urban films, related to “art & the city” and “The City We Need” general topics will be screened thanks to the collaboration with a local partner – the Società Umanitaria. After daily plenary session, Urban Cinema will take a place as a facultative, evening activity during all the three days of the Campus.


Due to the peculiar nature of the UTC “The City We Need: Open for Art” many cultural institutions are involved: museums, foundations, cultural associations. Some of them as partners, other are interwoven with special activities. The UTC will host four exhibitions. Three exhibitions will be realized inside the Campus venue and one, realized in collaboration with the local authorities, in the ancient city tower called “Torre di Sulis”. Exhibitions will remain open until 13 of March. You will find all the details in the Annex to the program.

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